Thursday, April 23, 2015

Desert Children

The image that really bothered me and stuck with me was the cross of the teenager whose bones were found in the desert. It struck me very deeply and I don't exactly know why. We don't know exactly know how old this kid was, but I'd imagine they were around our age. Maybe they didn't fully understand the consequences of their actions and maybe they didn't know the nature of the crime they were committing. If most migrant adults don't understand our laws, how can we expect a foreign minor to. Maybe they just made a stupid mistake that so many kids make in their lifetime, that so many of us have made in ours. The only difference is that this kid payed for his mistake with his life, he could've of been forced to cross and then got left behind. It's not fair to these children, they don't have the luxury of being able to learn from this mistake and they pay the ultimate price. 

- Bailey Schmidt

Wednesday - The Border

Green Valley Samaritans-- "Each of these items found in the desert tells a story, not trash but the layers of s person's life."


Working at Kino Border Initiative--sorting clothes and shoes for recently deported migrants